Potential Actions for Randy Orton on WWE SmackDown Comeback


Potential Actions for Randy Orton on WWE SmackDown Comeback

WWE fans are buzzing with anticipation as Randy Orton gears up for his much-awaited return to SmackDown. Following a memorable comeback at Survivor Series 2023 and a stirring appearance on WWE Raw, Orton is now set to bring his charismatic presence to the blue brand.

His return is not just a moment of excitement for WWE enthusiasts but also a potential turning point in the show's narrative. Orton's recent promo on Raw was nothing short of electrifying. He passionately spoke about seeking retribution against The Bloodline, the faction responsible for sidelining him.

This narrative could be further intensified on SmackDown. Imagine the scenario where Orton calls out The Bloodline to the ring, setting the stage for an explosive confrontation. Speculation is rife that Solo Sequoia and Jimmy Uso might ambush Orton, only to be outmaneuvered by The Viper.

Orton's potential triumph over these formidable adversaries would not only be a testament to his resilience but also a sweet moment of vengeance, considering The Bloodline's role in his absence.

Orton vs. Escobar: Brewing Conflict

Adding another layer to Orton's storyline is his interaction with Santos Escobar.

Escobar's recent remarks on WWE Bump, where he cautioned Orton against stepping into the SmackDown arena, have fueled the fire. Orton's response to Escobar's warnings could be a highlight of his return. A face-off between these two wrestlers, possibly culminating in a one-on-one match, promises to be a riveting affair, especially in the wake of Orton's impressive showdown with Dominic Mysterio on Raw.

However, the most anticipated angle of Orton's return could involve Roman Reigns. The match between Orton and Reigns, initially planned for SummerSlam 2022 but derailed due to Orton's injury, remains a tantalizing 'what if.'

Now, with Royal Rumble 2024 on the horizon, Orton's return could set the stage for a renewed challenge to Reigns. The storyline writes itself – Orton accusing Reigns of being instrumental in his injury and demanding a title match.

Such a face-off would not only settle old scores but also offer a marquee match for the Royal Rumble. As fans eagerly await Orton's SmackDown appearance, these potential developments promise to add new layers to WWE's storytelling, keeping viewers glued to their screens.

The Viper's return is not just a momentous occasion for WWE; it's a narrative-rich opportunity that could redefine SmackDown's landscape.

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