Bully Ray Discusses CM Punk's Omission of AEW in WWE Raw Promo


Bully Ray Discusses CM Punk's Omission of AEW in WWE Raw Promo
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WWE Universe witnessed a momentous occasion this week as CM Punk made his long-awaited return to "WWE Raw." Greeted with a wave of anticipation and excitement, Punk addressed the WWE fans, marking his first appearance since his surprising comeback.

However, the promo stirred mixed reactions among the online community, with some criticizing its cautious tone and lack of references to AEW or the controversies surrounding Punk this year. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, known for his insightful wrestling commentary, shared his perspective on "Busted Open Radio." He highlighted the stark contrast between the current wrestling landscape and the era of the Monday Night Wars, where WWF and WCW openly targeted each other.

Ray pointed out that WWE, in its current state, is unlikely to acknowledge AEW on its programming. He raised doubts about whether Punk himself would be inclined to bring up AEW, considering the thriving business status of WWE.

Punk's promo, instead of delving into past dramas, focused on his "homecoming" and teased future storylines. Subtle nods were made towards significant WWE figures like Roman Reigns' advisor Paul Heyman and fellow wrestler Seth Rollins.

These hints suggest Punk's interest in shaping new narratives rather than revisiting old feuds.

WWE's Strategic Focus

Bully Ray emphasized the strategic approach of WWE, noting that allowing Punk to unleash a scathing tirade against AEW would be out of the question.

In WWE's view, AEW does not pose a direct competition, and the focus remains on celebrating Punk's storied history within WWE and setting the stage for his future endeavors. This approach is a clear indication of WWE's direction, prioritizing its own legacy and current roster over external rivalries.

As Punk steps back into the WWE ring, the attention turns to his journey ahead. Fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding of new rivalries and storylines, marking a new chapter in Punk's illustrious career. With WWE's business thriving and Punk's return generating buzz, the stage is set for compelling narratives in the world of professional wrestling.

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