Chris Jericho Shares Insights on Tony Khan's AEW PPV Structuring


Chris Jericho Shares Insights on Tony Khan's AEW PPV Structuring
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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), managing the momentum and excitement of a pay-per-view (PPV) event is a delicate art. Chris Jericho, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling industry, recently opened up about the intricate planning that goes into structuring these high-octane events, particularly under the guidance of AEW owner Tony Khan.

The conversation unfolded on the popular podcast "Talk is Jericho," where Jericho reflected on a recent AEW Full Gear event. This specific PPV featured a tag team match where Jericho and Kenny Omega faced The Young Bucks. The bout was positioned right after the Texas Death Match between Swerve Strickland and "Hangman" Adam Page – a decision that sparked much debate among fans and critics alike.

Match Momentum Shift

Jericho highlighted the challenge of following a match that was both highly acclaimed and polarizing. Despite the initial tepid reaction from the audience, the tag team match eventually captivated the crowd, culminating in a victory for Jericho and Omega.

This match was pivotal, with the existence of Omega and Jericho's tag team and the Bucks' shot at the AEW World Tag Team Title hanging in the balance. Delving deeper, Jericho shed light on Tony Khan's unique approach to event structuring.

He explained that Khan prefers a three-part narrative arc for AEW cards, with each segment building upon the last to maximize viewer engagement. The third part, typically comprising matches 7, 8, and 9, is designed to be the climax of the event.

Jericho's insight reveals Khan's strategy of placing high-stakes matches back-to-back, a method that might diverge from traditional wrestling event planning. According to Jericho, while some might opt for a 'buffer' match following an intense bout like a street fight, Khan believes in keeping the adrenaline pumping by lining up another major showdown immediately.

This approach, as Jericho points out, demands a lot from the performers, but also offers an opportunity to maintain the event's intensity. He expressed confidence in their ability to follow a high-profile match and was pleased with how they managed to engage the audience, despite the initial challenge.

Jericho's discussion not only offers a glimpse into the strategic mind of Tony Khan but also underscores the evolving nature of professional wrestling entertainment. As AEW continues to grow and innovate, insights from industry stalwarts like Chris Jericho provide invaluable perspectives on the art and science of wrestling event management.

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