Ex-Wrestler Confronts Dwayne Johnson with Hidden Secrets


Ex-Wrestler Confronts Dwayne Johnson with Hidden Secrets
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a notable WWE superstar turned actor, is again in the spotlight, not for a recent performance, but for a controversial sketch from his past. Johnson, who first hosted "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) on March 18, 2000, quickly became a recurring and beloved figure on the iconic comedy show.

His stints on SNL were acclaimed for showcasing his charismatic personality and impressive comedic timing. However, one of his segments from a past episode has resurfaced, thanks to former WWE star Val Venis. Venis, known for his outspoken nature, has made headlines with his controversial remarks about various topics, including the circumstances surrounding Bray Wyatt's passing.

He has been vocal about Johnson, critiquing his wrestling skills and even alleging that Johnson had "sold his soul to the Devil." Venis's recent focus, however, is on a specific SNL sketch featuring Johnson.

Rock's SNL Hidden Sketch Polled

This sketch, part of the episode hosted by Johnson on May 20, 2017, with musical guest Katy Perry, has been brought back into discussion by Venis.

He posted an online poll, asking a straightforward question about whether the audience found the sketch funny without providing additional context. Currently, the majority of responses lean towards 'Not Funny.' Johnson has yet to respond to the poll or the revived discussion about the sketch.

Interestingly, the sketch is still accessible on SNL's official YouTube channel. Uploaded six years ago, it has garnered over 13 million views. The illustration features Johnson as a mad scientist outdoing his colleagues in a competition to create the most evil invention.

The description of the video reads: "One mad scientist (Dwayne Johnson) goes farther than the others (Kyle Mooney, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett) to win a contest for most evil invention." Venis's recent spotlight on the sketch raises questions about its continued availability and the changing perceptions of comedy over time.

With the focus shifted back to this particular episode, it remains to be seen how long the sketch will stay up and whether Johnson will address the controversy stirred by Venis. The situation underscores the persistent impact and scrutiny that public figures face regarding their past work in the digital era.

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