Johnny Gargano Discusses DIY's WWE Journey


Johnny Gargano Discusses DIY's WWE Journey
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Johnny Gargano recently featured on the Battleground Podcast, delving into various topics, including the journey and evolution of his renowned tag team with Tommaso Ciampa. Spanning from their early days in the independent circuits to their current prominence in WWE NXT and Raw, Gargano shared insightful highlights of their partnership.

Reflecting on their initial aspirations, Gargano reminisced, “Tommaso and I embarked on our NXT journey about eight years ago. Our dream was simple – we wanted to be a part of NXT indefinitely”. This sentiment underscored their deep connection with the NXT brand and its significance in their careers.

Discussing the duo's potential, Gargano expressed enthusiasm about their transition to “Monday Night Raw,” a move avidly anticipated by fans. “Throughout the years, our experiences, both on-screen and off-screen, have only strengthened our bond.

There’s a unique synergy between us, unparalleled in the world of tag team wrestling,” Gargano stated, highlighting their resilience and camaraderie.

Evolution of DIY

Gargano also touched on their personal growth, noting how life events like marriages and becoming fathers have marked a new chapter for them.

“Our lives have evolved significantly. Living together in Orlando, experiencing life's milestones together – it’s more #Dad-IY now,” he joked. This evolution, according to Gargano, has added a new dimension to their partnership.

Amidst this growth, Gargano addressed the possibility of another on-screen betrayal, acknowledging past incidents where trust was tested. “Given our history, the thought of betrayal is always there. But at this moment, we’re aligned with a shared vision to make this stint the most memorable one yet,” he affirmed.

Gargano’s reflections offer an intimate glimpse into the dynamics of one of wrestling’s most celebrated tag teams. Their journey from NXT to the main roster encapsulates not just their professional growth but also their personal evolution, painting a vivid picture of resilience, camaraderie, and the transformative power of life’s experiences in the high-octane world of professional wrestling.

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