Why Kevin Owens Not Eyeing Another Challenge Against Reigns for WWE Title


Why Kevin Owens Not Eyeing Another Challenge Against Reigns for WWE Title
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Wrestling enthusiasts following WWE's dynamic storylines have witnessed the intense rivalry between Kevin Owens and The Bloodline, headlined by Roman Reigns. Owens, known for his resilience and charisma, made headlines at Wrestlemania 39, where he and his partner triumphed over The Usos, claiming the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

His journey peaked in a high-stakes bout against Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble in January. The animosity between Owens and Reigns has become a cornerstone of WWE's narrative. As the wrestling world gears up for Royal Rumble 2024, speculation is rife about who will next challenge Reigns' dominance.

Amidst this buzz, Kevin Owens' name has frequently surfaced as a viable contender. Given their numerous confrontations throughout 2023, the wrestling community sees a potential rematch between Owens and Reigns as a plausible headline for the upcoming event.

Owens Rethinks Rematch

However, in a candid discussion with renowned wrestling journalist James Williams, Owens expressed reservations about rekindling this rivalry. "I'll be honest — maybe a little too honest," Owens remarked.

He questioned the audience's appetite for another Owens-Reigns showdown, acknowledging his previous attempts to dethrone Reigns. "I almost don't want to even try, because I don't think that's what fans want. They've seen it. I'm here for the fans.

I want people to enjoy what I'm doing," Owens explained. His focus, he emphasized, is on delivering fresh and exciting experiences for WWE fans. Despite his aspirations for the championship, Owens appears to have shelved any immediate plans to challenge Reigns again, believing it may not align with fan expectations.

Interestingly, Owens' recent interaction with current United States Champion Logan Paul on "WWE SmackDown" hints at new directions for his WWE journey. While the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling leaves room for surprises, Owens' current stance suggests a rematch with Reigns might not materialize in the near future.

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