Randy Orton Contract Extension Through WWE's New 'Injury Time' Rule


Randy Orton Contract Extension Through WWE's New 'Injury Time' Rule
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Randy Orton, the acclaimed WWE superstar, marked his much-anticipated return to WWE TV at the Survivor Series: WarGames 2023. Joining forces with Team Cody Rhodes, Orton played a pivotal role in their victory against The Judgment Day in the marquee Men’s WarGames match.

This comeback was especially significant as it followed an 18-month hiatus due to injury, raising questions about the status of Orton's contract with WWE. Sources from Fightful Select have brought to light intriguing developments regarding Orton's contract in the wake of his in-ring return.

Randy Orton's Contract Extension

In 2019, Orton had committed to a new, five-year contract with WWE, which, under normal circumstances, would conclude in Fall 2024. However, the current discourse within WWE suggests a potential extension of this contract.

A senior WWE official expressed surprise if Orton's contract did not see an addition of 'injury time,' taking into account the substantial period he was sidelined. If WWE decides to compensate for the 18 months Orton was absent by extending his contract, it could effectively prolong his tenure with the company until 2026.

While this possibility seems likely according to a high-ranking WWE source, it remains unconfirmed. This uncertainty stems from the varied practices regarding contract extensions for injured wrestlers, as many remain engaged in different capacities or projects related to WWE during their recovery.

Orton's situation, however, is unique. During his 18 months away, he was completely detached from any WWE activities, which positions his case for a thorough evaluation of the 'injury time' extension. In a recent development, Orton officially became part of SmackDown last Friday, demonstrating his in-ring prowess with a victory over Dominik Mysterio in a singles bout.

This move has reignited the excitement among WWE fans, eagerly watching how the organization navigates the contract situation of one of its most storied and celebrated wrestlers.

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