Roman Reigns' Historic WWE Title Run Praised by Legend,John Cena Critiqued


Roman Reigns' Historic WWE Title Run Praised by Legend,John Cena Critiqued
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Roman Reigns' extraordinary title reign in WWE is on the verge of surpassing an impressive 1200 days, firmly establishing him as the company's premier superstar. Despite his dominance, there's growing speculation among fans and experts alike that it might be time for Reigns to relinquish the championship.

Amidst this debate, wrestling icon Kevin Sullivan recently offered his insights on Reigns' tenure as champion. Speaking on the Taskmaster podcast this Tuesday, Sullivan addressed the current state of title runs in the industry.

He highlighted the diminished significance of championship belts due to frequent title changes, a trend that has been prevalent in wrestling. However, Sullivan expressed admiration for Reigns' prolonged title run, subtly critiquing John Cena's multiple championship victories by saying, "I am happy that Roman is still the champion.

It means he is the biggest superstar. The company used to change the title many times in the past. I am not insulting anyone, but becoming WWE Champion 16 times is a bit much."

Reigns' Return Scheduled

WWE has recently announced Roman Reigns' upcoming appearances, generating excitement among fans.

After a brief hiatus following his victory over LA Knight at WWE Crown Jewel 2023, there were rumors that Reigns might not compete in any event in 2023. However, WWE has confirmed Reigns' return on the December 15 episode of SmackDown, along with scheduled appearances on January 5 and January 19, leading up to Royal Rumble 2024.

In a recent SmackDown episode, Randy Orton, through Paul Heyman, issued a stern warning to Reigns after signing a contract with the blue brand. Orton instructed Heyman to promptly inform Reigns of his return. This development hints at a potential showdown between Orton and Reigns in SmackDown in the coming weeks, a matchup eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

As Reigns' historic title run continues to captivate the wrestling world, the anticipation for his future matchups, especially against seasoned competitors like Randy Orton, adds another exciting chapter to his already illustrious career in WWE.

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