Kevin Nash Discusses Bryan Danielson Influence in CM Punk AEW Departure


Kevin Nash Discusses Bryan Danielson Influence in CM Punk AEW Departure
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In a recent twist to the ongoing saga of CM Punk's departure from AEW, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash weighed in on the involvement of Bryan Danielson in the decision-making process. Nash, a seasoned figure in the wrestling industry, shared his insights on an episode of "Kliq This," particularly focusing on Danielson's role in the disciplinary committee that led to Punk's ouster from AEW.

The story of CM Punk, a name synonymous with controversy and polarization in the wrestling world, has been a topic of much debate. His exit from AEW, a decision made by a committee that included his long-time friend and Ring Of Honor colleague Bryan Danielson, has been a point of contention among fans and insiders alike.

Nash, who has had his share of run-ins with Punk during their WWE tenure, acknowledged the complexity of the situation. Speaking on the podcast, Nash remarked on Danielson's character, highlighting his level-headedness and implying that his involvement in the decision indicated the severity of the situation.

"If anybody knows Bryan, you probably couldn't pick a more level-headed guy in the locker room," Nash stated. "When it's Bryan that makes the decision... obviously it was very warranted."

Nash Acknowledges Strategy

Nash, despite his rocky history with Punk, also recognized the business acumen behind WWE's move to reintegrate Punk into major events like Survivor Series.

He suggested that the presence of Triple H in a backstage role might serve as a moderating influence on Punk, who had previously been embroiled in physical altercations during his time at AEW. As for Punk's future, Nash hinted at potential appearances on "WWE SmackDown" this Friday and "WWE Raw" next week.

Although a specific match has yet to be confirmed, the anticipation surrounding Punk's return to the WWE ring is palpable. His storied career, marked by multiple world championship reigns, continues to draw attention and speculation from fans and professionals within the wrestling community.

This latest development, as commented on by a figure as influential as Kevin Nash, adds another layer to the complex narrative surrounding CM Punk's career and his impact on the wrestling industry. As the story unfolds, eyes remain on Punk and his next move in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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