Carmelo Hayes vs. Lexis King Set as NXT Deadline Opening Match


Carmelo Hayes vs. Lexis King Set as NXT Deadline Opening Match
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In a thrilling turn of events, this Saturday's highly-anticipated WWE NXT Deadline event is poised to kick off with an electrifying showdown between Lexis King, the promising newcomer to WWE NXT, and the former NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes.

While not yet officially announced, all signs indicate that this explosive match will be the opening act of the evening. This compelling match-up came to fruition after some intriguing developments on Tuesday's NXT episode.

A pivotal role was played by the enigmatic "NXT Anonymous," a mysterious informant operating backstage. A revealing video was shared by this source, showing Carmelo Hayes on a call, immediately after a conversation with Trick Williams.

Notably, this video surfaced on the same day Williams suffered a mysterious attack. Adding to the intrigue, Lexis King has repeatedly claimed responsibility for the attack on Hayes' former ally. Moreover, King's disruptive tactics have already cost Hayes significantly, including a coveted spot in the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge, another marquee event at Deadline.

Hayes Seeks Showdown

In response to the video's release, Hayes reached out to Shawn Michaels via Ava Raine, expressing his desire for a match against King at Deadline. Meanwhile, Williams confronted Hayes, who maintained his innocence.

In an exciting twist, Williams declared that Hayes' face-off with King would inaugurate the event, setting the stage for Williams' match - the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge - to conclude the show. Despite these developments, an official confirmation of Hayes vs.

King as the opener for Deadline is still pending. The WWE website's event preview, though updated with other outcomes from Tuesday's NXT, such as Fallon Henley and Tyler Bate securing spots in the Iron Survivor Challenge, Roxanne Perez’s cage match against Kiana James, and Dragon Lee stepping in for the injured Wes Lee, has yet to list Hayes vs.

King. Additionally, there was no mention of this matchup during the commentary's rundown of the card on Tuesday’s NXT broadcast. However, given Carmelo Hayes' status as one of NXT's brightest stars and a central figure in one of its most captivating storylines, his involvement in Deadline seems inevitable.

Hayes is prominently featured as a "featured superstar" for the event on WWE's website, and his image graces the Deadline poster. Coupled with the events witnessed during the broadcast, it is highly anticipated that Hayes will indeed compete at Deadline, marking Lexis King’s debut in a WWE PLE event since joining WWE at the end of August, following his tenure in AEW.

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