Nikkita Lyons Makes Comeback, Confronts Blair Davenport on WWE NXT


Nikkita Lyons Makes Comeback, Confronts Blair Davenport on WWE NXT
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In a thrilling turn of events on WWE NXT, Nikkita Lyons made a dramatic return, shaking up the 2023 Women's Iron Survivor Challenge landscape. The night's excitement began with Fallon Henley securing her spot in the prestigious match.

However, the spotlight soon shifted to a high-stakes summit featuring the five fierce competitors, each boasting impressive track records. During this intense face-off, Blair Davenport, known for her domineering presence in the "WWE NXT" women's division, couldn't resist highlighting her past triumphs.

She boldly claimed responsibility for sidelining several top talents, including Sol Ruca and Nikkita Lyons. Little did she know, her words were about to summon an unexpected twist.

Chaos Erupts in Ring

The drama escalated quickly when Nathan Frazer and Axiom's match was overshadowed by a chaotic brawl.

Henley and Davenport, joined by Tiffany Stratton, Kelani Jordan, and Lash Legend, burst onto the scene, their skirmish spilling into the ring amidst a flurry of referees trying to restore order. Amidst the melee, Davenport, after a brutal elbow strike from Jordan, found herself retreating.

But escape was not an option as Lyons, long absent from the ring, emerged to confront her. Lyons, last spotted in the audience during the previous week's episode, had been notably absent from in-ring action since January 2023 due to a severe knee injury.

Her storyline saw her brutally attacked in the "NXT" parking lot, an incident that wrote her off WWE television. The mystery attacker, later revealed as Blair Davenport, seemed to have sealed Lyons' fate. However, after nearly a year of recovery, Lyons was back with a vengeance, delivering a stunning kick to Davenport's head, signaling a bold warning: "That was just the appetizer." This sensational return marks a pivotal moment in Lyons' career.

Having endured a grueling rehabilitation from her torn ACL and meniscus, her comeback signifies not just a physical triumph, but a fierce determination to reclaim her place in WWE NXT. With Lyons back in the game,

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