Chris Jericho of AEW Challenges the Authenticity of WWE Hall of Fame


Chris Jericho of AEW Challenges the Authenticity of WWE Hall of Fame
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Chris Jericho, the celebrated pro wrestling icon, recently shared his candid thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame, sparking conversations among fans and industry insiders alike. At 53, Jericho continues to dominate the ring in AEW, a promotion he was instrumental in launching in 2019.

His illustrious career spans several wrestling companies, where he has clinched numerous championships, solidifying his status as a versatile entertainer. His tenure with WWE is particularly noteworthy, having headlined WrestleMania 18 and battled legends like The Rock, Stone Cold, and Triple H.

While Jericho's achievements make him a strong candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame, his perspective on this honor is intriguing. On the "Insight with Chris van Vliet" podcast, Jericho expressed doubts about the significance of the Hall of Fame.

He questioned its relevance, suggesting that it exists only in WWE's conceptualization and doesn't offer tangible benefits. Jericho emphasized his preference for authenticity over scripted accolades, reflecting a desire to be remembered for his genuine contributions to wrestling over formal recognitions.

This stance aligns with Jericho's well-known ethos of challenging the status quo. His career, marked by constant evolution and defiance of norms, has earned him admiration and, at times, criticism, particularly in the realm of social media.

Jericho addressed this mixed reception, asserting his self-assessment as his primary measure of success. He pointed out the uniqueness of his long and diverse career, marked by continuous reinvention and high-profile rivalries.

Jericho's Continuing Impact

Despite these comments, Jericho's potential induction into the Hall of Fame seems more likely post his AEW tenure. Having extended his contract with AEW last October, Jericho remains a key player in the promotion, frequently headlining major events like "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Collision." His recent performances, including a notable match against Will Ospreay at the All In pay-per-view, reaffirm his standing as one of the industry's top talents, capable of delivering exceptional matches consistently.

As Jericho navigates his illustrious career with his characteristic bravado and skill, his views on legacy and recognition offer a fresh perspective on the wrestling world's accolades. His journey continues to be a testament to endurance, versatility, and the power of forging one's own path in the demanding world of professional wrestling.

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