WWE Trademark Issues Force Jey Uso to Part Ways with "Yeet" Catchphrase Merchandise


WWE Trademark Issues Force Jey Uso to Part Ways with "Yeet" Catchphrase Merchandise
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In a surprising turn of events, WWE superstar Jey Uso finds himself bidding farewell to his popular catchphrase, "Yeet," as trademark issues have forced the company to disassociate the term from the wrestler's merchandise and persona.

This development has ignited curiosity among fans and industry insiders alike, wondering how this trademark dispute will impact Uso's career and whether WWE will negotiate a resolution with independent wrestler Kasey Huffman.

As numerous outlets reported earlier this week, WWE has encountered trademark conflicts surrounding the word "Yeet," a phrase that has become synonymous with Jey Uso's rallying cry. Currently, a visit to WWEShop.com reveals an absence of any merchandise featuring the term "Yeet," and it no longer generates search results on the website.

During the recent December 4th edition of Raw, viewers noticed that a vignette package featuring Jey Uso had his T-shirt blurred out, removing the phrase "Yeet."

Trademark Dispute Origins

The genesis of this trademark dispute can be traced back to 2021 when independent professional wrestler Kasey Huffman filed a trademark application for "Yeet" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, specifically for entertainment services related to professional wrestling.

Considering the surge in popularity that Jey Uso brought to the term in recent months, the wrestling world eagerly awaits to see whether WWE and Huffman can reach an amicable agreement that benefits all parties involved. For those unacquainted with the term, "yeet" is a slang interjection, as defined by Merriam-Webster, used to express surprise, approval, or excited enthusiasm.

As a verb, it means to throw something, often with force and little regard for the object being thrown. The fallout from this trademark dispute has left Jey Uso in a position where he must rebrand himself and adapt to a catchphrase-free persona.

It remains to be seen how this transformation will affect his connection with fans and his in-ring persona. As the wrestling world anxiously watches this situation unfold, one thing is clear: the loss of "Yeet" merchandise is a significant moment for Jey Uso, and the outcome of negotiations between WWE and Kasey Huffman will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the wrestling landscape.

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