Randy Orton Praises The United Stated Champion Logan Paul


Randy Orton Praises The United Stated Champion Logan Paul
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Randy Orton recently made his return to WWE TV. He was suffering from a bad back injury that kept him from performing in the WWE. When he was shelved, he was one of the best stars in the WWE. Many WWE fans were actually looking forward to his return, as the WWE only has a few stars that can draw a large amount of people.

Randy Orton is one of them. However, when Randy was absent, many other WWE stars rose to prominence. One of them is famous internet personality, Logan Paul, who is also a WWE wrestler now.

Randy Orton Praises Logan Paul On Logan Paul's podcast

Logan Paul still runs his podcast.

Randy Orton recently appeared on it. On the podcast, Randy Orton praised Logan Paul, who currently holds the WWE United States title. Many people thought that Logan Paul would be an average performer in the WWE. However, he proved everyone wrong!

He performs very well and performs proper wrestling moves with relative ease. "You're doing some crazy stuff out there," Orton said to Paul. "I gotta point out the little things that you're doing, at this point already." Orton then shared one of his favorite Logan Paul’s matches.

Logan was fighting Rey Mysterio for the United States Title at that time. During the match, Paul actually saved Rey from injuring himself. Rey was about to hit his head due to a mistimed move. According to Randy, only veteran wrestlers have to ability to make saves such as the one Logan Paul pulled during that match.

"You saved the spot," Orton continued. "The way you go down on your hips — the hip mobility and the strength — and the way you got up with him. ... The predicament you were in, and the way you got out of it, was amazing.

A lot of guys wouldn't have been there for that." The two then spoke about how Logan entered the professional wrestling business. Orton stated that he didn’t know much about Logan before meeting him. Orton only knew that Logan was an internet personality and social media influencer.

Orton stated that Logan’s performance forced Orton to pay attention to what Logan was doing. "When you came backstage, I think the first time we met, you looked me in the eye [and] I could tell right away you wanted to be there," Orton said. "I saw who Logan Paul was in that split second and I was like, 'Alright, he's good back here.' I could just tell."

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