Bayley Tops Odds in WWE Women’s Royal Rumble, Eyeing WrestleMania 40


Bayley Tops Odds in WWE Women’s Royal Rumble, Eyeing WrestleMania 40
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The excitement is palpable as WWE gears up for its 37th annual Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, a cornerstone in the wrestling calendar that never fails to captivate audiences worldwide. This year, the event is stirring up an exceptional buzz, as fans eagerly speculate on who will earn their coveted spot at WrestleMania 40.

The Women’s Royal Rumble Match, a highlight of the event, promises an exhilarating clash with 30 determined competitors battling for a title opportunity that could be for the Women’s World Championship, the Women’s Championship, or the NXT Women’s Championship.

As the anticipation reaches new heights, betting agencies are also getting in on the action. Sky Bet has already released early betting odds for this much-anticipated event, revealing some surprising frontrunners. At the forefront is Bayley, with odds of 10/11.

Despite not having a Royal Rumble win under her belt, Bayley's consistent performance in previous years – participating in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2023 – makes her a formidable contender and a fan favorite.

Top Contenders' Betting Odds

The odds from Sky Bet also highlight several other wrestlers as strong contenders.

Jade Cargill comes in at 2/1, followed by Becky Lynch and Raquel Rodriguez, both at 10/1. Charlotte Flair is not far behind with 12/1 odds, while Liv Morgan stands at 14/1. Bianca Belair, IYO SKY, and Rhea Ripley are all tied with odds of 16/1, illustrating the depth and talent of the field.

This year’s Women’s Royal Rumble is shaping up to be a spectacular showcase of talent and determination. With such a diverse and skilled roster of wrestlers, the event is guaranteed to be filled with surprises, electrifying moments, and potentially history-making outcomes.

As we count down to this epic showdown, the question on everyone’s mind remains: who will emerge victorious and secure their path to WrestleMania 40? The anticipation is mounting, and the world will be watching to see which superstar will rise to the occasion on The Road to WrestleMania.

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