Chris Jericho Responds to Claims of Undermining WWE


Chris Jericho Responds to Claims of Undermining WWE
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Chris Jericho, a legendary figure in professional wrestling, recently addressed a fan's accusation on social media, emphasizing his respect for WWE despite his current affiliation with AEW. Jericho's illustrious career, spanning over three decades, is predominantly marked by his significant contributions to WWE, where he emerged as a household name.

In a surprising turn of events, Jericho, who debuted in AEW over four years ago and became its first World Champion, he praised his experience in WWE and the invaluable lessons learned under the guidance of Vince McMahon.

This commendation came as a shock to many fans, given his current prominence in AEW.

Jericho Addresses Criticism

Jericho's comments responded to a fan's tweet suggesting that his recent positive remarks about WWE were a rarity.

The fan accused Jericho of consistently disparaging WWE, comparing his podcast content to a platform for belittling the organization. "I assume this is a joke, as this is the first time @IAmJericho has ever said anything good about WWE in an interview.

Typically, it's just slagging them off and making out that his whole run was worse than his WCW run. His podcast is burying WWE these days, " the fan tweeted. Jericho promptly refuted the fan's allegation, labeling it "100% misinformation." He firmly defended his position, emphasizing his significant contributions and dedication to the wrestling industry.

This response underlines Jericho's deep-rooted respect for both WWE and AEW and his commitment to maintaining a positive professional legacy. Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega are poised as the leading contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championships following their victory at Full Gear.

This achievement has sparked considerable excitement among fans and professional wrestling enthusiasts keenly awaiting the upcoming title match. Jericho's transition from WWE to AEW is a testament to his versatility and unwavering passion for wrestling.

His rebuttal to the fan's criticism clarifies his sentiments towards WWE and accentuates the respect he holds for the experiences that have significantly influenced his distinguished career. Moreover, his engagement with fans and openness in addressing controversies exemplifies his commitment to transparency and authenticity in the public eye.

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