Cathy Kelley on Overcoming Negativity in WWE


Cathy Kelley on Overcoming Negativity in WWE
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Cathy Kelley, a familiar face in the world of professional wrestling, has made a significant comeback to WWE in October 2022 after a hiatus. This return marked a new chapter in her career, which initially spanned from February 2016 to February 2020.

In a candid interview on SiriusXM's "Busted Open Radio," Kelley delved into the challenges and negativity she encountered in her journey, reflecting on her experiences that began during her time discussing wrestling on AfterBuzz's podcast.

Cathy Kelley: Overcoming Criticism

Cathy Kelley candidly shared, "Initially, the criticism really affected me. I remember being called 'dumb' for simply expressing an opinion that differed from someone else's. It was incredibly hard to deal with, especially when the attacks were personal, targeting my intelligence or appearance.

There's a barrage of opinions online, some accurate, some not, and a few years ago, these would have deeply impacted me. But now, I've grown to handle both the positive and negative feedback with a more balanced perspective." Her evolution over the years is noteworthy.

Cathy Kelley's increased self-awareness and confidence have equipped her to face critical comments with resilience. In an assertive response to those who doubted her intellect during her tenure at AfterBuzz, she even undertook a Mensa test, a move aimed at disproving naysayers who labeled her as unintelligent.

Today, Kelley shines in her role as a backstage interviewer on "WWE SmackDown," having transitioned from "WWE Raw" in June 2023. Her journey is a testament to overcoming adversity and personal growth in the face of negativity.

It’s a narrative that not only resonates with fans but also serves as an inspiring example for individuals facing similar challenges in their professional lives. Kelley's story underscores the importance of resilience and self-belief in navigating the often tumultuous world of professional wrestling and beyond.

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