Swerve Strickland: WWE's Missed Opportunity 2 Years Ago


Swerve Strickland: WWE's Missed Opportunity 2 Years Ago
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Swerve Strickland, the dynamic performer currently making waves in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared insightful reflections on his career trajectory, particularly addressing the timing of his rise to prominence. In a candid conversation on "Notsam Wrestling," Strickland delved into why WWE’s decision not to give him a major push one or two years ago was, in retrospect, the right move.

Strickland acknowledged that earlier in his career, he wasn’t fully prepared for the spotlight's intense pressure. "I'll admit that," he confessed, emphasizing the importance of personal and professional growth before stepping into a high-profile role.

He cited a quote from Shawn Michaels to illustrate his point about readiness and timing. This self-awareness highlights Strickland's maturity and understanding of the wrestling industry's nuances.

Strickland's Champion Ambition

Now, with more experience under his belt, Strickland feels primed and ready to take on the world champion title, a goal that seemed distant in his WWE days.

He believes that if he had been propelled into stardom prematurely, his performance and the audience's perception of his character would have been markedly different. "People wouldn't have been afraid of my character like they are now," he stated, indicating a newfound confidence in his persona and abilities.

Strickland's ambition extends beyond personal achievement. He openly expressed his aspiration to become the first Black AEW World Champion, a statement that sparked conversation within the wrestling community. Addressing his comments about "Hangman" Adam Page, Strickland clarified that his words stemmed from pride and a desire to celebrate his culture, rather than race-baiting.

The wrestling world has taken notice of Strickland’s impressive growth and potential. His recent Texas Deathmatch against Adam Page won him accolades, including praise from AEW star Matt Hardy, who endorsed Strickland as a future AEW World Champion.

This endorsement, coupled with Strickland's own convictions, positions him as a formidable and inspiring presence in the wrestling world. Swerve Strickland's journey exemplifies the importance of timing, self-awareness, and cultural pride in the wrestling industry.

As he continues to build his legacy, fans and fellow wrestlers alike watch eagerly, anticipating his next move in the quest for the coveted world champion title.

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