WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff on the Pros and Cons of 12 Annual PPVs


WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff on the Pros and Cons of 12 Annual PPVs
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Wrestling enthusiasts are well-acquainted with WWE's routine of hosting twelve major pay-per-view (PPV) or Premium Live Events (PLEs) each year, a trend also mirrored by Eric Bischoff during his tenure at WCW. Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer, acknowledges that such a strategy was adopted primarily for financial gains.

In a recent episode of "Strictly Business," Bischoff delved into the complexities of this approach, highlighting the balance between its benefits and drawbacks. According to Bischoff, the allure of consistent monthly PLEs lies in their ability to generate substantial revenue, offering a predictable and lucrative return on investment.

This dependable cash flow becomes an enticing aspect for any business, particularly in the high-stakes world of professional wrestling.

Rushing Wrestling Narratives

However, Bischoff also pointed out the less favorable consequences of this model.

The necessity to frequently book big matches, he argues, leads to an accelerated storytelling pace. This rush detracts from the richness of narrative development, leaving little room for subtleties and nuanced storytelling that fans often relish.

Bischoff compares this to "speed reading through a book," where the enjoyment and depth of the story are compromised due to haste. Interestingly, WWE is currently in a period without a PLE until the WWE Royal Rumble. Bischoff views this as a golden opportunity for the creative team to craft more layered and intricate stories.

He anticipates that this break will lead to a significant enhancement in the storytelling approach, setting a promising stage for the Royal Rumble and the subsequent WrestleMania. Meanwhile, AEW, WWE's chief competitor, seems to be adopting a similar approach with plans for monthly pay-per-views.

This trend underscores the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where the balance between business interests and creative storytelling continues to be a pivotal factor. This approach towards frequent PLEs in the wrestling world represents a critical intersection of business strategy and creative narrative, a theme that continues to shape the industry's future.

As the road to the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania begins, fans and analysts alike will be keenly observing how WWE leverages this storytelling hiatus, potentially setting a new precedent in the realm of professional wrestling entertainment.

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