Bischoff on WWE's 12 PPVs: Pros and Cons


Bischoff on WWE's 12 PPVs: Pros and Cons
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Wrestling enthusiasts are familiar with WWE's tradition of hosting twelve major pay-per-view (PPV) or premium live events (PLEs) annually. This practice, also adopted by Eric Bischoff during his tenure at WCW, was primarily driven by the need for revenue.

While the monthly events offer excitement and consistent cash flow, Eric Bischoff, speaking on "Strictly Business," acknowledges both the advantages and challenges they present. According to Bischoff, these frequent PLEs are a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, they provide a steady and predictable revenue stream, ensuring a solid return on investment. This aspect of the business model is undoubtedly appealing, offering financial stability and growth opportunities for the company.

Rushed Wrestling Narratives

However, the business side of wrestling, with its focus on generating revenue, comes with its own set of drawbacks. Bischoff points out that the necessity of booking significant matches frequently can lead to rushed storytelling.

This pace often forces creative teams to compromise on the depth and complexity of narratives. "You don't really have time to let stories sink in," Bischoff explains. He emphasizes that the hurried nature of storytelling in wrestling means missing out on the nuances and subtleties that enrich a narrative, likening it to "speed reading through a book" without fully enjoying it.

Bischoff, a veteran in the wrestling industry, perceives this interval as a prime opportunity for the creative team to delve deeper into their storytelling arsenal. Without the pressure of rapidly approaching PLEs, writers and producers have the luxury of time to develop more intricate, layered narratives.

This breathing space allows for a more thoughtful crafting of storylines, potentially leading to richer and more engaging wrestling experiences for the audience. As the wrestling world continues to evolve, balancing the demands of business with the art of storytelling remains a critical challenge.

WWE's current schedule offers a glimpse into what could be a more story-driven approach, potentially leading to a richer and more engaging wrestling experience for fans around the world.