Seth Rollins Blasts Punk; Strowman's Rumble Focus; WWE Whispers on Zayn


Seth Rollins Blasts Punk; Strowman's Rumble Focus; WWE Whispers on Zayn
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Seth Rollins Opens Up About His Discontent with CM Punk's Return to WWE In the wake of CM Punk's startling comeback at last month's Survivor Series, Seth Rollins has candidly expressed his long-standing grievances with Punk.

During his recent conversation on the SI Media podcast hosted by Jimmy Traina (as reported by Fightful's Jeremy Lambert), Rollins shed light on the underlying tensions that have marred their relationship over the years. Rollins' frank discourse highlighted his dismay at Punk's disparaging remarks about him and the WWE.

"He's called me a bootlicker and worse," Rollins stated. "His disdain for what I stand for, the company I'm loyal to, and the colleagues I respect, has been more than just a professional disagreement."

Punk's Turbulent Journey

Punk's initial stint with WWE, which ended in January 2014, overlapped with Rollins' early days as part of The Shield.

Following his departure, Punk distanced himself from the wrestling world for years, only to reemerge in AEW in 2021. However, his time there was marred by reported backstage conflicts, culminating in his release this September.

Punk's WWE return, particularly in his hometown of Chicago, came amidst swirling rumors about WWE's disinterest, which were clearly dispelled by his triumphant re-entry. Since then, both Rollins and Punk have subtly referenced each other in their promos, fueling speculation about a potential showdown, possibly at WrestleMania 40.

Rollins, in his discussion with Traina, hinted at a willingness to collaborate professionally with Punk. "I'm a businessman first and foremost," he asserted. "Despite our past, I'm open to mending fences. At nearly 38, I have no interest in harboring grudges.

I'd rather channel my energy into something positive." This proposed matchup, amid the anticipation surrounding Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes, could be a highlight of WrestleMania 40. Rollins and Punk, with their proven prowess and real-life animosity, are poised to deliver a riveting rivalry and an electrifying match that could easily headline the first night of the event.

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