Booker T Recommends Major TNA Transformation


Booker T Recommends Major TNA Transformation
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In an exciting development for wrestling enthusiasts, 2024 is poised to be a significant year for Impact Wrestling, marking the return of the iconic TNA name at the highly anticipated Hard to Kill pay-per-view event. However, as the wrestling world eagerly awaits this rebranding, it appears that the distinctive six-sided ring, synonymous with TNA's earlier days, may not make a comeback, much to the chagrin of some, including wrestling legend Booker T.

Booker T's Six-Sided Ring Passion

During a recent episode of "The Hall Of Fame," Booker T candidly expressed his desire for the revival of the six-sided ring, asserting that it was TNA's true identity and a distinguishing factor that set the company apart from its wrestling counterparts.

He remarked, "For me, the six-sided ring was TNA's true identity, that's what made them different than any wrestling company out there. Now, I don't know how difficult it is to make those six-sided rings — it can't be that hard, you know what I mean? It can't be that hard to house two, or three, or four, or five of them in a warehouse to just keep them fresh throughout the year and whatnot." While Booker T is an advocate for the return of the six-sided ring, it's important to note that this sentiment is not universally shared among wrestlers.

Many have openly discussed the physical toll it takes, emphasizing that it can be more painful than the traditional squared ring, particularly when executing top-rope maneuvers. Furthermore, wrestling luminary Eric Bischoff, who played a pivotal role in phasing out the six-sided ring initially, has expressed reservations about its reintroduction, deeming it impractical.

Nonetheless, Booker T remains steadfast in his belief that the six-sided ring was an integral part of TNA's identity as a company. He expressed, "That six-sided ring was the identity of TNA, and I said when they lost that they lost a lot of time and money that they had put into that company.

Yes, I wish they would bring it back." As fans eagerly await further updates on Impact Wrestling's rebranding efforts, the question of whether the six-sided ring will indeed make a triumphant return continues to be a topic of debate within the wrestling community.

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Hard to Kill pay-per-view in 2024 are sure to intensify as the wrestling world watches closely for any developments in this regard.

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