hawn Michaels Expresses Surprise Over McKenzie Mitchell NXT Release


hawn Michaels Expresses Surprise Over McKenzie Mitchell NXT Release
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WWE's recent release of former "WWE NXT" backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell has left fans and colleagues surprised and saddened, including WWE legend Shawn Michaels. As part of WWE's latest round of cuts, which primarily affected individuals in office positions, Mitchell found herself unexpectedly released from her role within the company.

However, during a recent media call leading up to "NXT's" Deadline premium live event, Shawn Michaels made it clear that she will forever remain a part of the "NXT" family. Expressing his own surprise at the decision, Shawn Michaels explained, "It was something that obviously took me by surprise as well.

My understanding is there's just some areas where we have overlapping jobs, and there were going to be changes. There are a lot of things that go on within this company that are way above me. This obviously was one of them."

McKenzie's WWE Connection

Despite her departure from the company, Mitchell will maintain her connection to WWE due to her personal relationship – she is married to "NXT" commentator Vic Joseph.

McKenzie Mitchell has been an integral part of WWE since 2019, contributing in various roles, including co-hosting WWE's popular show, "The Bump." Upon learning of her release, she adopted a positive outlook, sharing on social media, "I've always said and firmly believe in 'when [one] door closes, another opens." Shawn Michaels echoed this sentiment, assuring fans and colleagues that the door remains open for Mitchell's potential return to WWE.

"The door is always open here in WWE," Michaels affirmed. "It doesn't mean that we can't revisit that relationship somewhere down the road, good lord willing. Obviously, it's a loss to us in 'NXT,' but the machine, as always, has to continue to roll on, and we will obviously do that.

And obviously, we will miss her greatly because everybody absolutely loves and adores McKenzie." While McKenzie Mitchell's departure from WWE's "NXT" has left a void in the hearts of fans and colleagues, there remains hope for her potential return in the future, as the WWE family continues to show support and appreciation for her contributions over the years.