WWE Bobby Lashley Emphasizes Importance of Tribute To The Troops


WWE Bobby Lashley Emphasizes Importance of Tribute To The Troops
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WWE luminary Bobby Lashley, renowned for his illustrious wrestling career, recently engaged in a compelling conversation on "WrestlingNewsCo," where he expounded upon the profound significance of the Tribute for the Troops show, both for himself and the entire WWE roster.

Lashley, a former WWE Champion, shared a deeply personal perspective on why this annual event holds an indelible place in his heart. Having previously served in the United States Army before transitioning to the world of professional wrestling, Lashley's connection to the military is more than superficial.

It's ingrained in his upbringing and life experiences. In his own words, the Tribute for the Troops show is a heartfelt endeavor to recognize and appreciate the unwavering dedication and sacrifices made by military personnel.

He articulated, "I think [for] some guys it's more important than others. I think some guys understand the importance of doing stuff for the troops, but then some people that have been in the trenches that know military — like I grew up in a military household, my dad was 26 years, my sisters, myself, we all went through the military.

So, it has a little bit of special meaning to me, as well as a few other people that have been there like Montez [Ford], one of my partners, he was in the Marines for a while."

Tribute to Troops: Lashley's Message

For Lashley, the Tribute for the Troops show is an opportunity to convey a heartfelt message to the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces.

It's about reaffirming their importance, expressing gratitude, and demonstrating unwavering support. He emphasized, "Just having the opportunity to tell boys and girls, look, we remember you guys, we look out for you guys, and we still have heart for you guys, and we'd do anything for you guys.

So it's a really cool event and a good opportunity for us to pack the stadium and just put on a good show for the troops." Notably, several WWE wrestlers have served in the armed forces, underscoring the wrestling community's deep respect for the military.

Lashley's partner, Montez Ford, is a former United States Marine Corps member, while WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg also boasts a background in the Marine Corps. The WWE's annual Tribute for the Troops will take place during the December 8th edition of "WWE SmackDown," a momentous occasion that coincides with the return of wrestling icon CM Punk to the blue brand.

This convergence of sports entertainment and military appreciation promises to be an emotionally charged and memorable event for both fans and the dedicated troops it honors.

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