WWE's 'Incredible Business': CM Punk vs. 2-Time US Champ at WrestleMania - Exclusive


WWE's 'Incredible Business': CM Punk vs. 2-Time US Champ at WrestleMania - Exclusive
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In a recent episode of SmackDown, wrestling fans witnessed a momentous return as CM Punk stepped back into the WWE ring, stirring excitement and speculation about his next big move. Renowned wrestling journalist Bill Apter, during his post-show analysis on Smack Talk, shared his insights into what could be a groundbreaking match-up at WrestleMania, pitting Punk against Seth Rollins, a two-time United States Champion.

Punk's appearance on SmackDown was a callback to his earlier days, as he boldly called out various wrestling stars, including Roman Reigns. However, it was his acknowledgment of Seth Rollins' animosity that hinted at a brewing feud, one that WWE seems to be meticulously crafting.

According to Apter, WWE is strategically laying the groundwork for what could become a major rivalry between Seth Rollins and CM Punk. This anticipated clash is expected to be a highlight, potentially headlining one of the two nights at the upcoming WrestleMania.

Apter's confidence in this match stems from his deep understanding of the industry and its dynamics.

Apter Predicts Main Event

"You know what? You just mentioned the main event at WrestleMania, and I think that he is against Seth Rollins; of course, the seeds are being laid for that very slowly and very well at this point.

And I think that's going to pack the Peacock pay-per-view, or whatever you want to call it, but I think they are going to do incredible business as the main event. They really are," Apter remarked. The prospect of CM Punk taking on Seth Rollins, a revered figure in RAW and a two-time United States Champion, is not just a dream match for fans but a strategic move for WWE's business.

Apter's prediction underscores the potential of this match to draw significant attention and revenue, especially considering the personalities and histories of the wrestlers involved. For WWE enthusiasts and followers of the wrestling world, this potential match-up represents more than just another event; it's a collision of two massive talents, each with a unique legacy and fan following.

As we move closer to WrestleMania, the anticipation for this potential main event continues to build, promising to deliver an unforgettable spectacle and, as Apter suggests, an impressive business success for WWE.

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