WWE Wins Trademark Battle for Jey Uso's 'Yeet' Catchphrase


WWE Wins Trademark Battle for Jey Uso's 'Yeet' Catchphrase
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Jey Uso, a prominent figure in WWE, recently made a triumphant return during the WWE Payback event, reigniting excitement among the fanbase. This return came after his notable departure from Smackdown, and he swiftly transitioned to Monday Night RAW, where he has been featured prominently.

Uso, known for his dynamic presence, gained immense popularity for his use of the catchphrase ‘yeet.’ However, his ability to use this catchphrase was temporarily hindered due to a trademark dispute, causing a stir among fans and industry observers.

The origin of this dispute traces back to an independent professional wrestler, Kassey Huffman, who filed to trademark the terms “Yeet” and “Yeet Movement” in 2021. This move led to a notable pause in Uso’s use of the catchphrase, much to the surprise of the WWE community.

The situation remained uncertain for some time, with speculation rife about the future of the trademark.

Trademark Dispute Resolved

Despite these challenges, recent developments have shifted the narrative. Documents reveal that Huffman’s application for the “Yeet” trademark has been suspended since October 2022.

This suspension has opened the door for WWE and Jey Uso to reclaim the catchphrase, a development that Uso himself confirmed through a Twitter post, where he once again used ‘yeet,’ signaling the end of the trademark dispute.

As of now, Huffman’s trademark application for “Yeet” is listed as a “DEAD APPLICATION Refused Dismissed or Invalidated”. This resolution is a significant relief for Jey Uso’s fans, who have closely associated the catchphrase with his persona.

The catchphrase 'yeet' has become an integral part of Uso's identity in the ring, resonating with audiences and becoming a staple of his character. In conclusion, the resolution of this trademark dispute is a positive turn of events for both Jey Uso and the WWE.

The ability for Uso to use ‘yeet’ once again is not just a win for him, but for the fans as well, who eagerly anticipate his performances. This development highlights the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of branding and trademark issues in professional wrestling, showcasing the intricate relationship between performers' personas and their intellectual property.

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