Joey Ryan Getting Divorced

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Joey Ryan Getting Divorced

The indie wrestling circuit still has some very talented indie wrestlers. WWE is known for hiring the best indie wrestlers and in the process; they leave nothing behind for the indie promotions. The indie wrestlers that wrestle for years and do well are often hired by the WWE.

Of course, it isn’t like the WWE does what is best for those indie wrestlers. Many indie wrestlers have quit the WWE over the past few years, because they weren’t getting pushed by the company. Even though many indie wrestlers want to be part of the WWE, some indie wrestlers choose to stay away from the company.

These indie wrestlers wait for the right opportunity to join the WWE or simply get hired by the biggest indie promotion. Joey Ryan is one of the most popular indie wrestlers of the world. He is well known for the spots he performs in inter-gender matches.

According to a report by TMZ, Joey Ryan and his wife are most likely going to get divorced. His wife is, or was, Laura James who is also a wrestler. Joey proposed Laura in February 2016 in the middle of their match. The match was held at the Finest City Wrestling event in San Diego.

Laura said yes in the middle of the ring. According to TMZ, the couple separated about 11 months ago. They got married in November of 2017. The couple officially filed for divorce on Tuesday this week.