Braun Strowman: Business First in CM Punk's WWE Return


Braun Strowman: Business First in CM Punk's WWE Return
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In a recent exclusive interview with India Today, Braun Strowman, the former Universal Champion, shared his candid thoughts on CM Punk's sensational return to WWE at Survivor Series on November 26, 2023. After a hiatus spanning nearly a decade, Punk's re-entry into WWE's ring, especially in his hometown of Chicago, has been the talk of the wrestling world.

Strowman, known for his straightforward approach, emphasized his role as a businessman, prioritizing the welfare of the business over personal views. CM Punk, a prominent figure in professional wrestling, had left WWE in 2014 amidst a cloud of controversy, citing issues with the way he was handled, health concerns, and a legal battle with the company.

Post-WWE, Punk ventured into the UFC before making a triumphant return to wrestling with AEW, where he clinched the world championship. However, his tenure with AEW was cut short due to internal disagreements. The decision to bring Punk back to WWE, orchestrated by Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Nick Khan, marks a significant shift in the company's direction.

Strowman, acknowledging the strategic nature of this move, pointed out the positive impact Punk's return has had on WWE's viewership and ticket sales. "Controversy sells," Strowman remarked, underscoring the business acumen behind embracing Punk's controversial yet magnetic presence in the wrestling arena.

Strowman's Tactical View

Despite never having met Punk, Strowman reserved his judgment on the superstar's character, stating he would form an opinion upon a personal interaction. He did, however, subtly remind fans and Punk alike that, like any other competitor, Punk is not immune to his formidable in-ring capabilities.

As WWE gears up for high-profile events, including WrestleMania 40, the buzz generated by CM Punk's return, combined with potential new rivalries, signals a dynamic and exciting phase for the company. With seasoned wrestlers like Braun Strowman ready to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape, WWE continues to reinforce its position as a powerhouse in the world of professional wrestling.

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