MVP on Never Being WWE Champion

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MVP on Never Being WWE Champion

MVP was a popular WWE Wrestler. He never got his hands on the WWE title and couldn’t reach the top of the company. His feud with Matt Hardy was one of the most memorable ones of his career. MVP was a TEDx Talk and he spoke about his criminal past.

Most people are motivational speakers in that event. He stated that the WWE wanted to make him the WWE champion at one time. MVP revealed that his title run was cancelled as a WWE Champion needs to go on tour sometimes. Some countries would not allow him to enter due to his criminal past.

"There was a time, it was relayed to me by some of the writers who I had become friends with and people higher up on the chain, that there was talk about me having a world championship run. But there was a lot of hesitation because there were certain countries that wouldn't allow me in because of my violent felony past.

And I can't blame [WWE] for that. That's a business decision. But I'm like, 'damn, I'm still paying. All these years later, I'm still paying." MVP explained, "if the laws are set up that you are released from prison then once the rules of our society have established that you are allowed to be back in society, then you should have the rights of every other member of society. That's my take."