Mickie James on Randy Orton RKO to Nick Aldis in WWE SmackDown

Mickie James opens up about a recent WWE shocker.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mickie James on Randy Orton RKO to Nick Aldis in WWE SmackDown
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In a recent interview on "Busted Open Radio," WWE Superstar Mickie James expressed her discontent regarding the unexpected turn of events involving her husband, "WWE SmackDown" General Manager Nick Aldis. The incident in question occurred during the December 8 episode of WWE's flagship show, "SmackDown," where Randy Orton, a seasoned and often unpredictable wrestler, made a controversial move.

Aldis, who assumed the role of "SmackDown" GM in October, found himself in the crosshairs of Orton's notorious finishing move, the RKO, after the latter chose to join the "SmackDown" roster. This action came as a shock to many, especially considering Aldis and "Raw" GM Adam Pearce were in the process of scouting Orton at the time.

Despite the audacious nature of Orton's attack, it seemed to resonate well with the audience, much to James' dismay.

James' Candid Reaction

James, a former WWE Women's Champion, candidly shared her feelings about the incident.

"I do not understand. Actually, I'm a little disappointed," she remarked. "I was upset, although it's very Randy-esque, you know, should have seen it coming." She pointed out that Aldis's intention was to facilitate good business, not expecting such a betrayal from Orton.

James also revealed her personal involvement in creating a merchandise concept for Orton, dubbed 'Randaddy,' anticipating a profitable collaboration that was abruptly derailed by the attack. Adding to her frustration, James mentioned that Aldis was donning an "expensive" custom-made suit at the time, which suffered damage during the assault.

This detail underscored the unexpected and unprofessional nature of Orton's actions. Orton, who returned to WWE after an 18-month hiatus at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023, paid a substantial fine of $50,000 for his actions against Aldis and preemptively another $50,000 for any future attacks on the "SmackDown" GM.

This move by Orton signifies his readiness to continue his disruptive and unorthodox approach within the WWE universe, keeping fans and fellow wrestlers on their toes. The incident has sparked various reactions among WWE enthusiasts, with many eagerly anticipating the next developments in this high-stakes storyline.

As the situation unfolds, the dynamic between Orton, Aldis, and James remains a captivating aspect of the ongoing narrative in WWE "SmackDown."

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