Young WWE Star to Rhea Ripley: 'Count Your Days, I'm the Real Mami


Young WWE Star to Rhea Ripley: 'Count Your Days, I'm the Real Mami
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In a stunning development that has set the WWE Universe abuzz, the talented 25-year-old wrestler Lola Vice, fresh off her remarkable victory at the 2023 Halloween Havoc NXT Women's Breakout Tournament, has thrown down the gauntlet to one of WWE’s most formidable figures, Rhea Ripley.

Vice, who rose to prominence after a decisive win over Kelani Jordan in the tournament's final, has hinted at an unexpected twist in her trajectory. Lola Vice, also known for her background as a former MMA fighter, has taken the wrestling world by storm with her recent achievement.

Her triumph in the Breakout Tournament not only showcased her impressive in-ring capabilities but also earned her a chance to contend for the NXT Women's Championship. However, Vice's ambitions seem to be aiming even higher.

Lola Vice's Bold Tease

In a tweet that has sent ripples through the wrestling community, Vice teased the possibility of leveraging her Breakout Tournament win in an unprecedented way. She suggested that instead of pursuing the NXT Women's Championship, she might set her sights on the WWE women’s title, currently held by Rhea Ripley.

“Or maybe I’ll just cash it in for the WWE women’s title @WWENXT," Vice mused in her post, stirring speculation and excitement among fans and pundits alike. This bold proclamation has ignited debates and discussions among the WWE fanbase.

The prospect of Vice challenging Ripley, a renowned and dominant figure in women’s wrestling, has generated a mix of anticipation and skepticism. While many fans are eager to see this potential clash, others have raised questions about the feasibility of Vice's plan, given the logistical constraints of the Breakout Tournament contract being tied to the NXT brand.

Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley, a key member of The Judgment Day, continues to dominate the ring with her unique blend of athleticism and gothic charisma. Her reign as champion has been marked by thrilling matches and intense rivalries, making her one of the most respected and feared competitors in WWE.

The wrestling world is now watching with bated breath to see if Vice's daring challenge will materialize into a historic showdown. However, with the rules of the Breakout Tournament contract potentially limiting her options, Vice's path to challenging Ripley on the main roster seems uncertain.

As fans eagerly speculate on the future, only time will reveal whether these two powerhouse women will face off in the ring, in what could be a defining moment for both their careers.

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