Former WWE Star Matt Cardona Eyes Match with Ex-WCW Champ


Former WWE Star Matt Cardona Eyes Match with Ex-WCW Champ
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, Matt Cardona, a former WWE superstar, has emerged as a major force on the independent circuit since his departure in 2020. Cardona's transition from WWE to the independent leagues has been nothing short of remarkable, establishing himself as a leading figure in promotions such as GCW, NWA, and Impact Wrestling.

His journey has been marked by several championship victories, making him a standout talent outside the realms of WWE, AEW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. During a candid conversation on "Dashawn's 2 Cents," Cardona opened up about a personal goal that remains unfulfilled.

He expressed his eagerness to face off against David Arquette, a former WCW Champion. Cardona playfully accused Arquette of avoiding a confrontation, adding an intriguing twist to their potential matchup. David Arquette's journey in wrestling is unique, with his unexpected rise to the WCW World Title in 2000 being a highlight.

Despite his background as an actor, notably in the "Scream" series, Arquette ventured into the wrestling world, even participating in WWE and GCW. His commitment to the sport was on full display during a brutal match against Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship in 2018.

This intense bout, featuring a harrowing display of light tubes and a pizza cutter, was later featured in Gage's "Dark Side of the Ring" documentary series, showcasing Arquette's willingness to embrace the hardcore aspect of wrestling.

Cardona's Arquette Ambition

Cardona, meanwhile, is not just focused on a possible match with Arquette. He also entertained the idea of Arquette joining his burgeoning group, which currently includes notable names like Steph De Lander and Jimmy Lloyd.

Cardona's vision of adding Arquette to this ensemble is fueled by the potential for heightened fan reaction and intrigue in the wrestling community. Additionally, Cardona disclosed his efforts to immortalize Arquette in action figure form.

He sought assistance from RJ City, an AEW interviewer, to facilitate this endeavor. However, despite Cardona's persistence and the unique opportunity it presents, Arquette has not yet embraced the idea. Cardona's playful frustration was evident as he called out Arquette, highlighting the lack of existing action figures for the actor and challenging him to seize this unique opportunity.

This ongoing storyline between Cardona and Arquette adds an exciting dimension to the wrestling world, blending the lines between sports and entertainment. As fans eagerly anticipate the possible showdown or alliance, the wrestling scene continues to thrive with these captivating narratives and charismatic personalities.

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