Ex-UFC Champ Recalls CM Punk's Ambitious WWE Return Text: 'Let's Conquer the World


Ex-UFC Champ Recalls CM Punk's Ambitious WWE Return Text: 'Let's Conquer the World
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In a historic turn of events, former UFC fighter and WWE superstar CM Punk made a triumphant return to the wrestling ring in November, ending a nearly decade-long hiatus from the company. His comeback coincided with a period of transformation in the world of sports entertainment, as Vince McMahon finalized the sale of WWE to Endeavor, leading to the merger of WWE with UFC and the formation of TKO Group Holdings.

This merger marks the first time that these two sports brands have come together under a single umbrella. One of Punk's former UFC training partners, Anthony Pettis, recently shared details of a text exchange with the wrestling icon following his WWE return during an interview with "Sportskeeda MMA." According to Pettis, he reached out to Punk immediately after the announcement, to which Punk responded with an ambitious declaration, "Let's take over the world, brother." CM Punk had trained alongside Pettis at Duke Roufus' fighting camp in Wisconsin while preparing for his UFC debut back in 2016, where he faced Mickey Gall.

Unfortunately, Punk's UFC stint did not yield the desired results, with losses to Gall and later to Mike Jackson. Notably, the Jackson result was later overturned to a no-contest due to a positive marijuana test. Despite these setbacks, CM Punk's dedication to MMA remains evident as he has been serving as a commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships since 2018.

Punk's Game-Changing Contract

Interestingly, it has come to light that CM Punk is committed to the world of professional wrestling, having recently signed a 15-year contract with 13 years still to go. This move has ignited speculation about the wrestling legend's long-term plans and the impact he may have on the evolving landscape of sports entertainment.

Pettis also shared his surprise at Punk's WWE return, as the former UFC star had been a guest at Pettis' MMA promotion, APFC, shortly before the announcement. What made the comeback even more astonishing to those close to him was Punk's characteristic humility and relentless work ethic.

As CM Punk's return continues to captivate fans and experts alike, the wrestling world is abuzz with excitement and anticipation, wondering what groundbreaking developments may unfold in this new era of sports entertainment, marked by the convergence of WWE and UFC.

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