Veteran Believes CM Punk Influenced Gimmick Change in WWE RAW


Veteran Believes CM Punk Influenced Gimmick Change in WWE RAW
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In a recent episode of "Legion of RAW," former WWE head writer Vince Russo shed light on a significant shift in Seth Rollins' persona, attributing this change to his interaction with CM Punk on this week's WWE RAW. During the episode, fans witnessed a stark transformation in Rollins, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion.

Departing from his usual flamboyant demeanor, Rollins adopted a more serious tone in his confrontation with CM Punk. He expressed his animosity towards Punk, popularly known as 'The Best in the World', and vowed to unmask him in their potential in-ring encounter.

Russo, reflecting on his time as a consultant for WWE, recounted his experience working on Rollins' "Monday Night Messiah" gimmick. Despite presenting numerous creative suggestions, Russo observed that WWE eventually abandoned the storyline, leading to a lack of development in Rollins' character.

"We were consulting during that time, bro. We gave them so many ideas for Monday Night Messiah, and nothing. It just died... We were giving them ideas every single week. Just having his disciples, they did nothing. It was just a moniker," Russo lamented.

Punk Influences Rollins

However, Russo noted a pivotal change in Rollins' approach following his interaction with CM Punk. He speculated that Punk's influence might have been instrumental in bringing out a more grounded version of Rollins, a contrast to his previous portrayals.

"I'm wondering if Punk had anything to do with this. Did you notice, he did not use the ridiculous laugh one time in this promo? I'm wondering if that had anything to do with Punk saying, 'You know what, let's leave the laugh in the back.

Let's have a serious promo,'" Russo mused. The dynamic between Punk and Rollins appears to be building towards a climactic showdown. With Punk's announcement of participating in the Royal Rumble and his intentions to target Rollins, the stage is set for a potentially explosive encounter between these two wrestling titans, piquing the interest of fans and industry insiders alike.

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