Ex-WWE Star Praises Christian Cage's Post-Encounter Help


Ex-WWE Star Praises Christian Cage's Post-Encounter Help
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Former WWE Superstar EC3 Reflects on Learning from AEW TNT Champion Christian Cage In a recent exclusive interview "The Final Showdown," former WWE superstar EC3 shared his experiences working with the current AEW TNT Champion, Christian Cage.

Cage, a veteran in the professional wrestling industry, has been making waves since his AEW debut in 2021, following an illustrious career in WWE and TNA. His current performances in AEW are widely regarded as some of the best in his career, earning him accolades from fans and industry veterans alike.

EC3, reflecting on his early days in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), credited Christian Cage for significantly impacting his career. "Working with Christian was a turning point for me," EC3 said. "After a challenging season in NXT and recovering from an injury, I found myself in FCW, training alongside Christian, who was also returning from an injury.

Our unexpected partnership in the ring at FCW became a critical learning experience for me."

EC3's Rapid Learning with Cage

The former WWE star detailed how, in a short span of time, he gleaned more from Cage than from many other coaches.

"In just two weeks with him, I learned more than I did from 90% of the coaches over there," EC3 revealed. His time with Cage not only honed his skills but also deepened his understanding of the nuances of professional wrestling.

EC3 also reminisced about a memorable main event match with Cage in FCW. "We started working together, and before we knew it, we were crafting this intense 35-minute main event match," he recalled. "It was there, amidst super-plexes and false finishes, that I truly grasped the essence of main event style pacing.

Christian brought me up to a whole new level." Christian Cage's influence in the industry is indisputable. His expertise and experience continue to be a guiding force for upcoming talent. As for EC3, working closely with a legend like Cage was not just a learning experience but a career-defining moment. The wrestling world eagerly awaits to see what the future holds for both these accomplished athletes.

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