Bully Ray: CM Punk Deserves Equal Treatment as Roman Reigns in WWE


Bully Ray: CM Punk Deserves Equal Treatment as Roman Reigns in WWE
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WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently voiced concerns over the company's handling of CM Punk's return, cautioning against overexposure of the star. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Bully shared his thoughts on the matter, emphasizing the importance of making Punk's matches, especially an anticipated bout with Seth Rollins, as impactful as possible.

"It's crucial that WWE treats Punk with the same care as they do Roman [Reigns]," Bully stated. He suggested that limiting Punk's appearances would enhance the significance of his matches, comparing this strategy to Reigns' handling in the company.

"A match against Seth will be more valuable if we see less of Punk in the ring leading up to it. They might even need to introduce an interim opponent for Punk before he faces Rollins."

Bully Critiques Punk's Role

Bully also expressed disappointment with some of Punk's recent, more light-hearted interactions backstage with other WWE superstars like Ricochet, Chad Gable, Kofi Kingston, and members of The Judgment Day.

"Why is this necessary on TV right now?" he questioned, indicating a desire for more meaningful appearances from Punk. "I expect every Punk appearance to be impactful and significant," he added. CM Punk, absent from WWE for almost a decade, is slated to make his in-ring return on December 30 at a live event in Inglewood, California's Kia Forum.

He will face Dominik Mysterio from The Judgment Day, marking a milestone in his wrestling career. Bully Ray's comments reflect a broader conversation within the wrestling community about how best to utilize returning legends and high-profile stars.

Balancing nostalgia with current storylines is a delicate task, and WWE's approach to Punk's return will be closely watched by fans and critics alike. As the date of Punk's much-anticipated match approaches, all eyes will be on how WWE navigates this blend of past and present, setting the stage for a potentially memorable showdown.

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