Shawn Michaels on Becky Lynch's 'Servant-Like' Approach in WWE


Shawn Michaels on Becky Lynch's 'Servant-Like' Approach in WWE
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Becky Lynch's recent stint in WWE NXT, which began in September and lasted for over a month, brought a unique dimension to her career as she captured the elusive NXT Women's Championship. During this period, Lynch not only made regular appearances on the black and gold brand but also proudly represented the title on the main roster.

Her approach during this time was characterized by what WWE legend Shawn Michaels has described as a "servant-like nature." Shawn Michaels, himself an icon in the world of professional wrestling, took the opportunity to commend Lynch for her remarkable humility and dedication to elevating the entire NXT women's division and the brand as a whole.

He expressed his appreciation for her selfless approach during a recent media call, highlighting how she put the betterment of others and the brand above her own superstar status. Michaels emphasized that while Becky Lynch is undeniably a massive star in WWE, she chose to come to NXT with the sole intention of supporting and uplifting her fellow female wrestlers.

Her humility and professionalism in this endeavor, according to Michaels, were truly exceptional. Lynch's tenure in NXT saw her capturing the NXT Women's Championship from Tiffany Stratton and successfully defending it until NXT's Halloween Havoc, where she was defeated by Lyra Valkyria.

Lynch's Remarkable Humility

"What I appreciated so much about her doing it was the humility at which she went about doing that," Michaels stated. He further praised Lynch for going above and beyond, noting that she didn't need to do as much as she did for the NXT brand and its talent.

Becky Lynch's contributions to NXT extended beyond the ring. Michaels lauded her for her willingness to work with the young female talents, both physically and verbally, underscoring her commitment to their development and success.

In conclusion, Becky Lynch's stint in WWE NXT was marked by her selfless dedication to uplifting the women's division and the brand itself. Her humility and professionalism left a lasting impression, and her impact on NXT was not only visible in terms of ratings but also in the creative and developmental aspects of the brand.

Lynch's willingness to invest her time and effort in the growth of the next generation of WWE talent reflects her passion for the industry and her commitment to its future.

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