WWE vs. AEW: Kevin Sullivan WarGames Showdown

Wrestling Legends Discuss Dream Matches and Fantasy Showdowns..

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE vs. AEW: Kevin Sullivan WarGames Showdown
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In the high-octane world of professional wrestling, the ongoing rivalry between WWE and AEW continues to be a crazy topic among fans and industry insiders. This year, the competitive tension between these two wrestling giants has reached new heights, with neither side showing any signs of extending an olive branch.

Amidst this backdrop of intense rivalry for top talent, audience attendance, and TV ratings, wrestling enthusiasts are left to their own devices, fantasizing about an ultimate crossover event that could shake the foundations of the wrestling world.

In the realm of these fan fantasies, one matchup stands out as particularly electrifying: a WarGames bout featuring the crème de la crème of WWE and AEW. Who better to craft such a dream lineup than the legendary Kevin Sullivan? A veteran of the ring and a mastermind behind many of WCW's most memorable WarGames matches, Sullivan brings a wealth of experience and insight to this hypothetical showdown.

Sullivan's Dream Teams

Recently, Sullivan shared his vision for this fantasy WarGames match on "Tuesdays with the Taskmaster." For the WWE team, he envisions a powerhouse lineup led by Roman Reigns, supported by the dynamic Sami Zayn, the formidable Uso brothers, and the enigmatic CM Punk.

On the AEW front, Sullivan selects a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars: Bryan Danielson, the iconic Chris Jericho, the fearless Jon Moxley, Swerve Strickland, and the charismatic MJF. While such a dream match remains highly improbable, its mere contemplation ignites many intriguing storylines.

The proposed lineup is a melting pot of intricate histories and personal dynamics. From the shared past of Reigns and Moxley as former members of The Shield - a group assembled initially by Punk - to Punk's storied relationships with Danielson, Jericho, and MJF, the potential for drama is limitless.

This fantasy WarGames scenario captures the essence of what makes professional wrestling so captivating: the blend of athletic prowess, complex characters, and the eternal appeal of 'what if.' As fans continue to speculate and dream, the real-world rivalry between WWE and AEW only fuels the fire of these imaginative matchups.

In the end, while the executives of WWE and AEW may not be in a festive mood towards each other, the spirit of competition and the love of the sport continue to unite fans in their shared passion for wrestling's endless possibilities.

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