Lacey Evans Asserts She Feels No Nostalgia for WWE Following Her Exit


Lacey Evans Asserts She Feels No Nostalgia for WWE Following Her Exit
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Lacey Evans, a former WWE superstar, has recently made headlines with her candid reflections on her time with the company and her decision to part ways earlier this year. With her departure, fans witnessed the untapped potential of Evans as a heel character, leaving many in the wrestling community wondering what could have been.

Evans, known for her vibrant personality and in-ring prowess, was absent from WWE programming for an extended period before her exit. This hiatus sparked discussions among fans, who had high hopes for her career. Evans has clearly expressed her feelings toward her former employer despite her absence.

In a revealing interview on the Insight podcast, she opened up about her views on professional wrestling and her career trajectory.

Evans: Wrestling Not Passion

Contrary to the expectations of many, Evans disclosed that pro wrestling was never her true passion.

"I did WWE for seven years, and it was never my passion," she stated. "It was incredible to see my fellow Sports Entertainers; that is their passion, but I just knew. I went out there and did the best that I could and did my job.

But I always looked forward to coming home." Evans' perspective on her career is rooted in her personal life. Being a mother and a wife, she faced challenges balancing her professional and personal responsibilities. "My family traveled with me everywhere I went for the most part.

And that was a struggle," she reflected. When asked if she missed WWE, Evans responded unapologetically: "Do you want me to lie? No, there's not." She elaborated on her discomfort with the lifestyle of being a wrestling superstar, emphasizing that it did not align with her values and preferences.

As Evans moves beyond WWE, she acknowledges that the wrestling world might not have been the ideal environment for her. She hinted at an interest in AEW, noting that its schedule might be more conducive to her needs. As the wrestling community looks on, the future of Lacey Evans remains an intriguing topic. Her journey serves as a reminder of the diverse paths and passions that shape the careers of professional wrestlers.

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