Ex-WWE Star's Pregnancy Gets Vince McMahon's Approval Under One Condition


Ex-WWE Star's Pregnancy Gets Vince McMahon's Approval Under One Condition
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Lacey Evans, a prominent figure in WWE's NXT brand, experienced a significant career journey, marked by notable highs and life-changing decisions. Her transition to WWE's main roster in 2019 was initially met with success, including a notable appearance at the Extreme Rules event, where she teamed with Baron Corbin in a noteworthy match against Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.

However, her career trajectory took an unexpected turn in early 2021 when she announced her pregnancy, leading to a temporary departure from the wrestling scene until her return in June 2022. In a revealing conversation with Chris Van Vliet on the Insight podcast, Evans disclosed a pivotal discussion with WWE's head, Vince McMahon, regarding her desire to start a family.

Faced with the dilemma of her professional commitments and personal aspirations, Evans approached McMahon with transparency about her intentions to conceive, given her reduced involvement in WWE due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

McMahon's response was both supportive and straightforward: he encouraged her to pursue motherhood, with the sole condition being her commitment to return to WWE post-pregnancy.

McMahon's Supportive Stance

Evans' candid recounting of this interaction highlights McMahon's leadership and his willingness to accommodate the personal needs of his wrestlers.

This conversation was a turning point for Evans, illustrating the balance between her professional career and personal life. However, her pregnancy coincided with evolving plans within WWE's creative team, who had envisioned a storyline involving Evans, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, and Charlotte Flair.

Just as these plans were gaining momentum, Evans discovered her pregnancy, effectively altering the proposed storyline. Despite this, Evans expressed no regrets, emphasizing the fulfillment she finds in her family life and the joy of motherhood.

This narrative not only reflects Evans' journey in WWE but also underscores the organization's adaptability and support for its talent in balancing their professional and personal lives. Evans' story is a testament to the intricate dynamics of a career in professional wrestling, where personal choices can significantly influence professional trajectories.

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