Mick Foley Comments on Randy Orton's WWE Comeback


Mick Foley Comments on Randy Orton's WWE Comeback
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WWE icon Mick Foley has expressed his delight at the return of Randy Orton to the WWE, following a year-and-a-half hiatus. The wrestling legend shared his thoughts during a recent appearance on WWE's program, "The Bump," highlighting the challenges "The Viper" must have faced while sidelined from the sport he loves.

Foley acknowledged Orton's remarkable comeback, asserting that he has returned in peak form. He empathized with the difficulty of being away from the WWE ring for someone as passionate about the sport as Orton. "For a guy who loves WWE as much as he does, a year-and-a-half on the shelf could not have been easy.

[He] came back better than ever," Foley remarked. During his interview, Foley took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his intense rivalry with Randy Orton in 2004. The culmination of their feud saw Foley's alter ego, Cactus Jack, square off against Orton, who held the Intercontinental Championship at the time.

Foley revealed that it was heartwarming to learn that their 2004 match remained Orton's personal favorite. He praised Orton's collection of classic matches but acknowledged the unique chemistry of their encounter.

Foley's Praise for Orton's Impact

Foley reflected on the significance of that period, saying, "I loved to work with people who wanted to have great matches.

I saw something in Randy, I really did. I'm glad that I made that suggestion because that 12-week period I spent working closely with Randy, I think that may have been the best 12-week period of my career." Their 2004 bout was a brutal affair, featuring moments of intense violence, including Orton landing on thumbtacks.

However, Orton's recent return at Survivor Series was a tamer affair, as he entered last in a WarGames match, helping his team secure victory over The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre. While Foley and Orton's careers have taken different paths since their epic encounter, Foley's words underscore the lasting impact of their 2004 feud and Orton's enduring excellence in the world of professional wrestling. With Orton's return, WWE fans can look forward to more memorable moments and matches from "The Viper" in the future.

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