WWE Plans to Bring Back a Distinctive Match Format for Their Next Event


WWE Plans to Bring Back a Distinctive Match Format for Their Next Event

In an electrifying development for wrestling enthusiasts, WWE is gearing up for a spectacular showdown at the iconic Madison Square Garden on December 26th. This high-octane event is set to feature a pivotal about between Shinsuke Nakamura and Cody Rhodes, two of the industry's most dynamic and skilled performers.

This matchup, highly anticipated by fans, is the latest chapter in their intensifying rivalry. The genesis of this heated feud can be traced back to a series of enigmatic messages left by Nakamura, which were later revealed to be a targeted challenge towards Cody Rhodes.

This revelation was dramatically underscored when Nakamura launched a surprise attack on Rhodes during a recent episode of RAW, setting the stage for a confrontation filled with personal and professional stakes.

RAW Match Disqualification

Unfortunately, their initial encounter, which the WWE Universe eagerly awaited, concluded without a definitive outcome.

The match on RAW witnessed an unexpected turn of events when Nakamura resorted to using poison mist against Rhodes, leading to a disqualification. This controversial ending has only added fuel to the fire of their rivalry, leaving fans clamoring for a decisive conclusion.

In what promises to be a historic and nostalgic moment for wrestling fans, WWE has announced the revival of the Texas Bullrope match for the upcoming face-off between Nakamura and Rhodes. This particular match format is not only a nod to the rich legacy of wrestling but also holds personal significance for Cody Rhodes.

The Texas Bullrope match was a signature of his father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, who famously battled Randy Orton in a memorable clash at the Great American Bash in 2007. As the anticipation builds for this unique encounter, questions abound.

Will this match format provide the necessary platform for either Nakamura or Rhodes to emerge victoriously and settle their ongoing feud? The significance of this match extends beyond personal rivalry, as it also pays homage to a classic wrestling tradition, blending the past with the present in a way that only WWE can.

With the stage set at Madison Square Garden, the WWE Universe is poised for a night of high drama, intense action, and a potential resolution to one of the most talked-about feuds in recent memory.