Gable Steveson's Struggle: A Tough Road Ahead in WWE

Olympian's WWE Debut Sparks Controversy and Speculation

by Noman Rasool
Gable Steveson's Struggle: A Tough Road Ahead in WWE
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The WWE universe buzzed with excitement when Gable Steveson, the celebrated Olympic Gold Medalist, joined its ranks, reminiscent of the arrival of legendary Kurt Angle. His amateur wrestling achievements set high expectations, but the journey in the WWE ring has taken unexpected turns.

Steveson's much-anticipated debut was on July 30th, 2023, during the NXT’s Great American Bash, where he faced off against Baron Corbin. Despite the hype, the match received a lukewarm response from the audience, leading to a double countout, a finish that neither solidified Steveson's position in WWE nor added to his fanbase.

Since this in-ring appearance, Steveson has notably been absent from WWE television, stirring speculations about his future in the organization.

Corbin Addresses Steveson's Challenges

Baron Corbin, in a candid interview on Notsam Wrestling, shed light on Steveson's struggles.

He acknowledged the high standards set by predecessors like Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio, emphasizing the near-impossible task of surpassing such legends. Corbin's words echoed the sentiment that while Steveson's Olympic glory is undisputed, replicating such success in the WWE landscape is a different challenge altogether.

Post the Great American Bash, there was talk of Steveson returning to amateur wrestling for the World Championships, but he later withdrew from the competition. This move added to the growing uncertainty around his WWE career.

With no recent appearances or scheduled matches, fans and insiders alike are left wondering about the next step in Steveson's professional wrestling journey. As the wrestling community awaits more news, the question lingers: What does the future hold for Gable Steveson in WWE? His transition from an Olympic champion to a WWE superstar highlights the complexities and unpredictabilities of professional wrestling, where even the most decorated athletes face challenges in adapting to its unique demands and audience expectations.

With his potential yet to be fully realized in the WWE, Steveson's journey remains a topic of keen interest and speculation.

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