Mickie James Speaks About Seeing Nick Aldis on Smackdown


Mickie James Speaks About Seeing Nick Aldis on Smackdown
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Mickie James is a WWE Legend and is married to popular indie wrestler Nick Aldis. Nick Aldis is currently working for WWE Smackdown. He was known for his work at Impact Wrestling. He was one of the Impact Wrestling’s most popular stars.

Mickie James Believes Nick Aldis Can Showcase His Talking Skills at General Manager

Nick is currently the General Manager of Smackdown, even though he is a wrestler. According to Nick, this is a role that he has fully embraced.

On an episode of ‘Gabby AF’ Mickie James appeared and spoke about her husband. "Perhaps I'm biased because it's my husband, but I've also watched Nick for over a decade now, move his whole life over here for a chance and to come over as Magnus at Impact [Wrestling]," James said.

"That's where I met him in 2010, and the love story began, but I've watched him work so, so hard. I've seen him being turned down and told no and all the things ... I think that for a long time, we both kind of accepted, okay, well, maybe WWE isn't in the cards for him.

And it sucked because it was always his dream. Triple H is his all-time favorite wrestler. It was sad, because how do you as his wife, and I've had the opportunity to go there, how do I understand and show compassion? You have so many friends who try to make it [to WWE], but it's different when it's your husband.

For him to finally get his opportunity to go there and sure, it's not a wrestling role, but I feel like this role is even more perfect." Nick won a few titles during his time at Impact Wrestling. He used to wrestle with the ring name Magnus at Impact Wrestling.

Nick was mainly known for being a very good technical wrestler and wasn’t known for talking. Mickie believes that Nick can use this opportunity to showcase his talking skills which he couldn’t do as much at Impact Wrestling.

Mickie James is confident that Nick can handle the best wrestlers that WWE has to offer without much difficulty. She believes he will give a stellar performance if WWE allows him to wrestle. Besides wrestling for Impact Wrestling, Nick Aldis also fought for National Wrestling Alliance. He was one of NWA’s most decorated champions and held the title for a very long time.

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