Frankie Kazarian Discusses Talks with WWE Post-AEW Departure


Frankie Kazarian Discusses Talks with WWE Post-AEW Departure
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Frankie Kazarian, the seasoned pro-wrestling star, recently revealed intriguing details about his career path post-AEW, including significant discussions with WWE, before ultimately joining Impact Wrestling. Kazarian, known for his dynamic presence in the ring, spoke candidly about these discussions on the popular wrestling podcast, "Talk Is Jericho." Kazarian's connections in WWE played a pivotal role in these conversations.

He highlighted his long-standing relationship with Matt Bloom, a fellow alumnus of the renowned Killer Kowalski's wrestling school and current head of WWE's developmental program. Bloom reached out to Kazarian, inquiring about his interest in continuing his wrestling career and potentially taking on a coaching role.

"He runs developmental and he had contacted me and he said, 'Do you still want to wrestle?' I said, 'Absolutely,' he said, 'Okay, what do you think about coaching?' I go, 'I don't know, I think down the road that's something I want to do,'" Kazarian recalled.

Despite his openness to coaching, Kazarian admitted he wasn't quite ready to retire from active competition. Recognizing his wealth of experience, WWE proposed a unique player-coach role, blending in-ring performance with mentoring young talent at the WWE Performance Center.

This opportunity showcased WWE's willingness to adapt and leverage Kazarian's extensive knowledge and skill set.

Impact Wrestling's Decisive Offer

However, a pivotal conversation with Impact Wrestling's executive, Scott D'Amore, shifted Kazarian's trajectory, leading him back to Impact Wrestling for a full-time role.

This decision came after Kazarian's stint with AEW, where he also had the chance to compete in Impact Wrestling under a unique contract arrangement. Reflecting on his dialogue with WWE, Kazarian appreciated the offers and the positive interactions with WWE officials.

"We talked about a whole bunch of things," he said. "I had conversations with a few other people, there were offers made, and very generous. Everybody up there was really cool, man." Yet, despite the appealing proposal from WWE, Kazarian felt it wasn't the right move for him at the time.

He remains open to potential opportunities with WWE in the future, stating, "Just something told me, not yet, this isn't the place for me right now." Kazarian's journey highlights the dynamic nature of professional wrestling careers, where opportunities and decisions can significantly impact a wrestler's path.

His story continues to resonate with fans, showcasing the behind-the-scenes negotiations and career considerations that shape the wrestling industry.