WWE Contemplated Altering Randy Orton's Theme Song After Recent Comeback


WWE Contemplated Altering Randy Orton's Theme Song After Recent Comeback
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In a surprising revelation, it has come to light that Randy Orton's legendary entrance theme song, known for its iconic line, "I hear voices in my head," was on the brink of being altered just before his recent appearance on "WWE SmackDown." Sources within WWE, as reported by Fightful Select, disclosed that a potential modification to Orton's "Voices" theme song, which has been his signature since 2008, was under consideration leading up to the December 8th episode.

While discussions took place between Randy Orton and WWE management, ultimately, the idea of changing the theme song was vetoed. It is crucial to note that the contemplated change was not related to the new version of the song, recorded by Rev Theory.

Instead, it was described as a version with "no music off the top" and minimal lyrics. WWE's reasoning behind initially considering the change was to provide a fresh feel to Orton's character upon his signing with the blue brand.

However, it was ultimately decided that preserving his original theme song for his first few appearances post-injury was essential to maintain familiarity with the audience.

Orton's Remarkable In-Ring Comeback

Randy Orton had been sidelined due to back surgery and had not been in the ring since May 2022.

In an astonishing turn of events, doctors had reportedly advised him never to wrestle again. His triumphant return to the ring occurred at Survivor Series: War Games, where he led his team to victory. Since joining "SmackDown," Orton has teamed up with LA Knight to secure a victory against Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

Furthermore, he emerged victorious in a singles match against Jimmy during a recent episode of the show. This behind-the-scenes revelation offers a glimpse into the decision-making process within WWE, showcasing the delicate balance between honoring a wrestler's legacy and the desire for innovation in the world of professional wrestling.

Randy Orton's theme song has become synonymous with his character over the years, and fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the familiar strains of "Voices" will continue to herald his dramatic entrances for the foreseeable future.

As fans eagerly anticipate Randy Orton's next moves on "SmackDown," this revelation adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing drama within the WWE universe.

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