AJ Styles Leaves The O.C. to Form New Faction with Secretly Re-Signed Stars


AJ Styles Leaves The O.C. to Form New Faction with Secretly Re-Signed Stars
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AJ Styles, a renowned name in the WWE universe, made a dramatic return to SmackDown in last night's episode, leaving fans in awe. In a stunning display of athleticism, Styles unleashed a Phenomenal Forearm on Roman Reigns, before unexpectedly turning his aggression towards LA Knight.

This bold move signals a potential new direction for Styles, who many believed was sidelined from a major bout with Reigns at Crown Jewel due to Knight's intervention. Styles, a former WWE Champion, seems to be steering towards a riveting feud with The Megastar.

However, his actions have left fans speculating: is AJ Styles on the verge of a heel turn? While the current storyline doesn't fully align him with villainy, the possibility remains tantalizingly open.

Styles' Potential New Alliance

Intriguingly, rumors are swirling about AJ Styles making a decisive break from The O.C., his current faction.

Speculation suggests that Styles might forge a new alliance with Omos and the recently re-signed Authors of Pain (AOP). Omos, who was Styles' formidable partner back in 2021, helped him capture the RAW Tag Team Championship.

Their potential reunion, coupled with the powerhouse duo of Akam and Rezar from AOP, could create a formidable force in WWE's SmackDown. The formation of this new faction could lead to a high-stakes rivalry with The Bloodline.

Although the initial focus might be on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The O.C., Styles' ultimate target appears to be Roman Reigns and his allies. With the last clash between Styles and Reigns dating back to 2016, a renewed confrontation would not only reignite an old rivalry but also spotlight emerging talents.

Should WWE proceed with splitting the Tag Team Championships, AOP could emerge as dominant contenders in the tag team division. This strategic move would also allow Styles to scale back his in-ring appearances, reserving his energy for major matchups.

This evolving storyline in WWE SmackDown is shaping up to be a captivating chapter in AJ Styles' career, offering fresh dynamics and intense rivalries. Fans eagerly await the next twist in this saga, as Styles continues to redefine his legacy in the wrestling world.

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