Cody Rhodes Believes MJF Will Be a WWE Superstar One Day


Cody Rhodes Believes MJF Will Be a WWE Superstar One Day
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Cody Rhodes, a prominent figure in professional wrestling, recently opened up about MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman), one of the standout stars in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and his potential future with WWE. In a candid interview with Peter Rosenberg on The Michael Kay Show, Rhodes, also known as 'The American Nightmare', shared his insights and predictions about MJF's career trajectory.

MJF, a key player in AEW since its inception, has carved out an impressive niche for himself in the wrestling world. Known for his undefeated streak that spanned over a year and a half and his remarkable four-year tenure as the holder of the Dynamite Diamond Ring, MJF's achievements are noteworthy.

Currently reigning as the AEW World Champion in his first title run, his success in AEW is undeniable. Despite his strong ties and considerable success in AEW, MJF has never shied away from expressing his admiration for WWE, even mentioning it during AEW broadcasts.

This openness about his aspirations has fueled speculation about his potential move to WWE, a topic that Cody Rhodes addressed in the interview.

Rhodes Praises MJF's Growth

Rhodes, who has a personal connection with MJF, having recruited him, expressed pride in MJF's growth, both professionally and physically.

"I think one day you will see MJF in WWE. I'm really proud of him," Rhodes stated. He highlighted MJF's commitment to enhancing his physicality, noting the significant muscle he's added over the last year and a half, a crucial aspect considering the physical demands of WWE.

Rhodes mentioned the likes of Drew McIntyre, Omos, and Brock Lesnar, emphasizing the importance of being in top physical form to compete with such formidable opponents. The transformation MJF has undergone, according to Rhodes, might be indicative of his awareness of where his future could lie in the wrestling industry.

However, Rhodes made it clear that he doesn't press MJF on these matters, respecting the friendship they have developed. As MJF continues to make waves in AEW, the wrestling community and fans alike are keenly watching to see if and when a transition to WWE might occur.

Rhodes' comments have certainly added fuel to this speculative fire, making MJF's career trajectory a topic of significant interest in the wrestling world.

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