Tony Khan Addresses WBD Situation Amid WWE Speculation


Tony Khan Addresses WBD Situation Amid WWE Speculation
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In the dynamic landscape of professional wrestling, recent developments have sparked intense speculation in the industry. Sources indicate that Triple H and Nick Khan, key figures in WWE, have engaged in discussions with executives from Warner Bros.

Discovery (WBD) regarding the future broadcasting of Monday Night Raw. This news comes amidst significant shifts in WWE's television rights arrangements, with SmackDown set to transition to a new network by late 2024 and NXT moving from the USA Network around the same time.

Consequently, the fate of Raw has become a focal point in these negotiations. The involvement of WBD in these talks is particularly noteworthy, given its existing ties with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). AEW programming has been a staple on TNT and TBS since its inception in late 2019.

Rumors have circulated suggesting that WBD might hold an ownership stake in AEW, though this has not been officially confirmed. Amidst this backdrop, Tony Khan, a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, has openly addressed the ongoing situation.

Speaking at the ROH Final Battle Media Scrum, Khan acknowledged his recent interactions with WBD representatives. He indicated that while WBD is indeed engaging with WWE, his focus remains steadfast on AEW's promising future.

Khan Confirms Productive Talks

"Ring of Honor and AEW have had fruitful discussions," Khan stated. "In fact, I've had very positive talks with Warner Bros. Discovery even in recent days. Our relationship, spanning several years, is at an exciting juncture.

AEW continues to deliver exceptional performance for Warner Bros. Discovery, cementing a strong partnership. With upcoming media rights negotiations, it's only natural for due diligence to be a part of the process. It's a standard practice in the television industry." Khan further emphasized the growth potential for AEW in 2024, hinting at groundbreaking developments in collaboration with Warner Bros.

Discovery. He drew parallels to his experiences in the NFL and Premier League, noting the commonality of networks and sports entities evaluating various television partnerships. As the industry awaits further developments, the strategic maneuvers of WWE and AEW, alongside their respective media partners, will be closely monitored.

The outcome of these discussions could significantly shape the broadcasting landscape of professional wrestling in the years ahead.

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