WWE's Liv Morgan Arrested in Florida on Marijuana Possession


WWE's Liv Morgan Arrested in Florida on Marijuana Possession
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Gionna Daddio, better known to wrestling fans as WWE's Liv Morgan, found herself in legal trouble in Florida last Thursday when she was arrested on drug possession charges. A Sumter County Sheriff's officer initially observed her vehicle in the city of Bushnell, approximately 45 miles west of Orlando, driving erratically in and out of lanes.

According to an arrest report obtained by USA TODAY Sports, the officer decided to conduct a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer immediately detected the unmistakable odor of marijuana. After questioning Morgan, it was revealed that there was marijuana in her possession, but she did not possess a valid medical marijuana card.

Subsequently, officers searched her vehicle and discovered a plastic bag containing marijuana, as well as a vape pen with an "oil-like substance." At that point, Morgan was placed under arrest.

Liv Morgan's Legal Troubles

Liv Morgan was subsequently booked into Sumter County jail and faced charges of possession of a synthetic cannabinoid, a third-degree felony, along with a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession not exceeding 20 grams, as confirmed by jail records.

She was later released on a $3,000 bond. It is worth noting that the use of synthetic cannabinoids is explicitly prohibited by WWE, even if obtained over the counter without a prescription, as per the organization's substance abuse and drug testing policy.

As of now, WWE has not issued an official statement regarding the incident. Liv Morgan, a former SmackDown women's champion and two-time women's tag team champion, has been sidelined due to injury for nearly six months. During her hiatus from the ring, she has made several public appearances, including attending a Green Bay Packers game and conducting an interview with star running back Aaron Jones.

This incident comes as a setback for the popular WWE star, and it remains to be seen how it might impact her wrestling career and standing within the organization. WWE fans and observers will undoubtedly keep a close eye on developments in this case as it unfolds.

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